• Endress+Hauser is an international manufacturer of critical process flow devices and has had a US presence since 1970.
    Endress + Hauser
  • We partnered with Pendleton Heights High School to embark on a two-phase project plan. Phase one called for a design of a retail space within the same year while phase two seeks to redesign the serving and dining room spaces.
    Pendleton Heights High School Retail Space
  • This project involved renovating a dark, outdated space to meet the expectations of the students on the IU Bloomington campus. In conjunction with the opening of the Global and International Studies Building, our design team worked to develop a serving environment that featured five distinct concepts to cater to the needs of a diverse student population.
    IU Wells Cyber Café
  • Our challenges here began with studying the facility and program to determine what physical and operational improvements could be made in the existing space and then determining if that was the best course of action for the hospital.
    Johnson Memorial Hospital