Pendleton Heights High School Retail Space



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Pendleton Heights High School Retail Space


South Madison Community School Corporation

Lindsey Hill
Director of Nutrition Services
South Madison Community School Corporation


Primary Education


550 sqft




October 2015


We partnered with Pendleton Heights High School to embark on a two-phase project plan. Phase one called for a design of a retail space within the same year while phase two seeks to redesign the serving and dining room spaces. Within the retail space, we needed to apply the same strategies we look to when designing serveries; keep patrons moving, and allow for quick and direct ordering and payment.

Since opening day, the client has seen an increase in sales, and has used the space to introduce new and healthier food options to the students. In addition, the space has quickly become a popular destination for the students. We lead our client to make use of a small, mobile POS station equipped with a wireless Microsoft tablet that allows for quick and easy payment. Lastly, we created a space identity that matched the client’s vision of a fresh, market feel. Phase two will involve a renovation of their existing servery and kitchen, as well as a fresh redesign of their dining space.